Mentoring Program

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“Mentoring is our opportunity to change history, to re-write the story of a generation.  Mentors will be the quiet heroes of this movement.  Studies have shown that one-to-one mentoring, done over time, transforms the lives of both mentor and mentee.  Mentors matter.”

— John Sowers, author of The Fatherless Generation


FIKE partners with Fountain Inn Elementary School, Mentor Greenville and Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Upstate to pair adult volunteer mentors with students who need extra encouragement during the school day. Mentors are mature, caring individuals who are genuinely interested in helping the youth of our community and are suitable role models committed to serving as a guide and a friend for a designated student.

What is required?

1. Attend a mentor training session (less than one hour)

2. Submit an application (that includes background check information)

3. Meet weekly with an assigned student (30 minutes)

4. Conduct meetings with mentee on school grounds during the school day, or off campus through Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Upstate with parent permission

5. Notify school or parent to cancel meeting time if scheduling conflict arises

6. Participate in the program for the entire academic year

What do mentors do?

Mentors and students meet during breakfast (7:15-7:45 am), during lunch or at a teacher approved time during the day. If meeting off-campus through Big Brothers Big Sisters, the mentor works with the parent to decide time and place. Mentors provide ongoing support to the educational and personal growth of students during weekly meetings. As role models for students, mentors demonstrate values of dependability, the need for goal setting and the importance of an education.


Email MENTOR@FIKECENTER.COM to learn more, or to RSVP to a training session!


Check out Mentor Greenville’s website for more information and resources!

Check out Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Upstate’s website for more information!